Major General Julian Thompson

Tony is without doubt the best four wheel vehicle driver I have ever encountered.  I say this after 34 years in the  Royal Marines being driven by some very professional drivers, and then going on numerous safaris in Africa, again seeing some pretty good practitioners in the art of driving a four wheel vehicle over demanding terrain, including croc-infested rivers.  But Tony is better than them all.

His knowledge of the Falklands battlefields is second to none, and anyone who wants to know what really went on should ask for Tony to drive them.  On one occasion, when I was involved in making a documentary directed by Max Hastings, General Nick Vaux and I were driven up Mount Harriet by Tony.  I remember Nick saying, ‘he’ll never make it’, he had led the attack on Mt Harriet in 1982.  I said, ‘wait and see’.  Tony made it.

My first trip with Tony was with my wife Jane to Volunteer Bay, on one of our visits to the Islands.  We had a wonderful day, which I still remember as the highlight of that visit.

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