Jameson Robinson

I had arranged three tours with Tony for my trip to the Falkland Islands in late November to early December, 2018.

I found Tony to be a very helpful, knowledgeable and reliable guide and host. He was on time every day, had prepared and planned each day and checked the details with me in advance to ensure that I was happy with the proposed itinerary. 

His 4×4 car was very capable and extremely comfortable and Tony provided his own battlefield map. What was great was that he has personally provided tours for many veterans returning to the islands and can therefore include personal experiences of individuals in his commentary, which added a great deal of authenticity to the experience.

For my tours, we generally walked through the battle actions from the original start line and he gave a full and detailed account of how the battle progressed, including the challenges and casualties, along the way. His knowledge of the battle locations, regiments involved and actions was excellent and the pace of the tours was spot on for me.

One recommendation is to let Tony know your fitness level. I consider myself very fit and the pace was great for me, but would need adjusting, especially on hillsides, if you are not! 

Tony was recommended via the Pale Maiden B&B, where I stayed. Teresa, his wife, runs the B&B and this worked really well, as breakfasts were timed perfectly to fit in with the tours. 

My knowledge of the conflict was OK beforehand and based largely on news events and reporting at the time (I was 16) and books I had read. Tony helped to fill in the many gaps though and made it interesting and enjoyable. Those with less or even greater knowledge would be absolutely fine too as Tony seems to tailor his commentary and tours to your level of knowledge.

Additionally, as a Falkland Islander who has grown up and always lived on the islands, his general knowledge on the way of life on the islands, the landscape, wildlife, government, attractions, etc. is first rate. I had many questions on all aspects of Falkland life, as I am very inquisitive by nature, and Tony helped me to gain a deeper understanding of island life. 

I would thoroughly recommend Tony for a guided tour and wish him well.

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