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  • San Carlos
  • Darwin/Goose Green.
  • Mt Longdon.
  • Two Sisters Mt.
  • Mt Harriet.
  • Mt Tumbledown.
  • Wireless Ridge.

Wildlife destinations

Delivering quality overland tours to prime wildlife, and all 1982 battlefield sites on East Falkland. Discovery Falklands has also provided logistical support and guidance for visiting television and media groups since 1992.
We have worked with more than 120 media related organisations to date and have provided a similar service for geologists and others carrying out scientific research in the Falklands.

Contact us at info@discoveryfalklands.net for prices and further information.

Wildlife Hours
Volunteer Point

King, Gentoo and Magellanic Penguins

Up to 9 Hours
Cape Bougainville

Rockhopper, Macaroni Penguins and Sea Lions

Up to 9 Hours
Kelp Point

Elephant seals & Gentoo Penguins

Up to 6 Hours
Cape Dolphin

Sea Lions, Gentoo Penguins & Giant Petrels

Up to 9 Hours
Cape Pembroke

Sea birds various, Lighthouse & Natural Beauty

2-5 Hours
Gypsy Cove

Magellanic penguins, Night Herons & various small birds

1-4 Hours

Some other locations are available on request, including the possibility of visiting West Falkland using the Inter-Island Ferry Service, for clients staying in the Islands for more than 1 week.


  • I can't speak more highly of Tony's tours. He doesn't just bring the perspective of a Falkland Islander who lived through the invasion and subsequent war but he has spent considerable amounts of time with the men who fought in all the major battles, from Goose Green to Wireless Ridge. As such he knows every bit of ground each battlefield tour covers, what happened where and who did it. For me it was an absolutely fascinating experience and the realisation of a long standing ambition. And not only is Tony a great tour guide, he's also great company: I booked two days with him and enjoyed my time so much that I purchased a third. It's a long trip to the Falklands but I can't recommend enough and if I can, I will go back and see more of this special place with Tony.

    The website looks great and the guest house even better! The rooms look great and the view looking out over Stanley is fantastic.

    Wishing you every success with it!

    - Phil Duval (23/02/2017)


Who we are
Antony Smith

I was born in the Falkland Islands and have lived here all my life.

After growing up on West Falkland I moved to Stanley in 1988 and as one of the first overland Tour Operators I began offering wildlife tours to Volunteer Point initially and then adding other locations such as Cape Bougainville and Cape Dolphin from 1990 onwards.

In 1992 I worked with the first British TV Company producing a documentary for the 10th Anniversary of the Falklands War and have since assisted in the making of more than 100 other programmes about the Falklands.

Through my work over the last 25 years I have met many veterans, both British and Argentine who fought here in 1982 and I make a point of including extracts of their personal accounts as well as the factual information in the Battlefield tours I provide.

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